UWFi Rules

One unique feature of Paradigm Pro Wrestling’s events is that many matches are contested under UWFi Rules. Named for the now defunct Union of Professional Wrestling Forces International promotion in Japan, the UWFi used a unique match style that’s essentially a hybrid of traditional professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.

Designed to be the most exciting form of hand-to-hand combat possible, fights contested under Paradigm’s UWFi Rules are fast-paced, explosive, and often end in an instant.

In the simplest terms, fights may end via knock-out (10 Count), TKO (Referee Stoppage), submission, or by points. There are no pinfalls, no disqualifications, no count-outs, and no time limits. Every fight must have a winner.

To encourage a variety of different attacks, strikes to the hand or neck must be open-handed. Many other attacks are permissible including elbows, kicks, knees, and even headbutts. The wrestlers knock-out blow, the suplex, is also rewarded. When a fighter successfully throws a suplex with knock-out intent, a point will be deducted from their opponent.

A fighter may use a rope break to get out of a disadvantageous position. Following a rope break, fighters will be restarted in a standing position in the middle of the ring. PPW uses a smaller ring than the original UWFi, which increases the frequency of rope breaks and keeps grappling sequences extremely fast-paced.

To keep fights honorable, fighters must follow a code of conduct and may not eye gouge, target the groin, utilize small joint manipulation or intentionally leave the ring. Referees may warn or deduct points from fighters who break the code of conduct, but committing a foul and breaking the code of conduct will not directly result in a disqualification being assessed. (Referees are empowered to allow a brief recovery time for fighters who suffer a low blow or eye poke.)

The point system is in-effect to enforce the code of conduct, limit rope breaks, keep fights fast-paced, and serve as a mercy rule for fighters who are too tough to quit. However victories via points are rare, and 99% of fights end with a finish.

Fighters start with 15 points and if they run out of points, the fight will be stopped. Fighters will lose one point for using a rope break, being suplexed, or committing a foul. Fighters will lose three points when they are knocked down from strikes with a ten count administered. The ringside scorekeeper will make a PA announcement when a fighter gets down to five points, and stop the fight when a fighter runs out of points.

More than anything – when a bout is conducted under Paradigm UWFi Rules… IT’S A FIGHT!

Paradigm Pro first introduced UWFi Rules at the 2019 Fighting Spirit Heavyweight Grand Prix, and has seen used UWFi Rules for select matches at a dozen events. In addition, UWFi Rules are now highlighted on the weekly UWFi Rules Contender Series that streams every week on IndependentWrestling.TV. Click here to watch our shows on IndependentWrestling.TV!

Professional Wrestling historians may note that UWFi Rules have been modernized from the rule-set used by the Union of Wrestling Forces International. Changes have been made to encourage a higher percentage of ‘finishes’. As such UWFi Rules now permit elbow strikes, permit strikes to a downed opponent, and time limits have been removed from all fights.