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Our Library of Events

If you want to see why various wrestling journalists and publications have referred to us as the “most unique” and “most eccentric” pro wrestling group in the United States – our entire back catalog of 100+ events is coming to Fite+ in the coming months. Subscribe today for just $7.99/month and watch them all!

UWFi Rules Contenders Series

The ultimate hybrid of mixed martial arts and professional wrestling, this series features warriors such as former UFC Fighter Tom Lawlor, former Bellator MMA Fighter Matt Makowski, Matthew Justice, and many more top stars and martial arts. The first 5 seasons are available for on-demand viewing.

PPW No Hook

A unique blend of hip-hop, pro wrestling, and mystery, this series blends character-driven storytelling with some of the best young stars in independent wrestling such as Sandra Moone, Jody Himself, The Hoodfoot, Myron Reed, Don’t Die Miles, Billies Starkz and more. 2 seasons are available for on-demand viewing.

Showcase Series & Archives

In addition to our episodic series, almost every live event in the history of PPW is available for on-demand viewing.

Don’t know where to start? Our most viewed shows of all-time are: “5ves”, “Heavy Hitters 2”, “Midnight City”, “Same Energy” and “Terminal Combat”.


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