Following the monthly meeting of the PPW Board of Directors on April 8, 2018, the Board unanimously voted to place the so-called “Legacy of Brutality” (Daniel Eads, Logan James, and Josh Ashcroft) on a six (6) week suspension from active competition as result of their actions at last month’s “Shamrocks and Shenanigans.” 

As a result, all three men are effectively barred from appearing or competing at Friday, April 27th’s “All the Way Up”. Their suspension is retroactive to date of their infractions (Friday, March 23rd) and will expire on Friday, May 4th.   

The Board felt there was no suitable alternative to the suspending the trio. Mr. Eads, Mr. James, and Mr. Ashcraft were all repeatedly warned not to bring foreign objects or weapons into the Jeffersonville Arena. In particular, Mr. Ashcraft was warned not to get involved in the tag team match between Mr. Eads and Mr. James against Corey Storm and his partner Dan O’Hare.  

Despite these warnings, the trio committed the following violations on March 23rd:

  1. Mr. Ashcraft once again interjected himself into a match in which he was not an active competitor, preventing the match from having a definitive conclusion. 
  2. Mr. Eads and Mr. James repeatedly used a foreign object as a weapon against their opponents Corey Storm and Dan O’Hare.
  3. The three men endangered the well-being of a female PPW official.

The Board had previously voted to suspend Mr. Eads, Mr. James, and Mr. Ashcraft as a result of their actions against Corey Storm at both “King of Pain” and “I Need Love.” However, the Board ultimately did not suspend the trio after these events at the request of Corey Storm, who opted to instead face them in a series of matches. 

However,  Mr. Eads, Mr. James, and Mr. Ashcraft’s actions have now negatively impacted a PPW official. As a result, the previous leniency they enjoyed has ended. If the three men continue to conduct themselves in a manner that disrupts PPW events, the Board has vowed to take even more severe measures against the trio.